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Solo Play Now Available

Posted on August 8th, 2018

At this point, Bar Bickering is in a stand still until people submit answers into the database.  I want this game to use the data that is actually submitted by its players.  I never wanted to create answers for the game that seemed “obvious”.  When someone enters the answer “Hide The Penis” for the question like “Name a game that would be inappropriate to play at a office party”, you know it’s not a typical answer.  Those are the answers that will get laughs when answers are revealed during the game.  That’s what will make the game FUN!

So in order to help populate that database AND give people an idea of how the game will play, I created a Solo Play option.  Once logged in, navigate to the Start Game page and you’ll see the new Solo Game option.  Your username is automatically entered so click “Create Game” and let it fly!

While Solo Play is available, you’ll need an account to play and at this time, accounts are only available to beta users!  If you want to give it a whirl, hit me up and I’ll grant access so you can create an account.